About Me

I’ve always wanted to enter the world of blogging but had no idea where to begin or what to write about. As Mum to a Wilf (3 years old) and a Cora (7 months old), parenting seemed the obvious choice, especially as it makes me so frustrated, angry and joyful every single day – there’s plenty to write about. 

Just one search on Google however showed me that there are a million ladies out there with parenting blogs and every one can write a hundred times better than I ever could.

So I turned to my next passion – history. I’ve worked in heritage for about 10 years and have loved every job I’ve ever had. I’ve always been fascinated by the past and have desperately read all kinds of books and visited thousands of historic attractions, always trying to track down a flavour of what life must have been like for our ancestors. 

But this seemed a bit too niche. I’ve met enough people to know that history isn’t for everyone. My husband doesn’t even know his Tudors from his Stuarts (I don’t know why I married him sometimes !!) so this didn’t seem such a good idea either. 

Then one night, as I fed my baby daughter, musing on how many countless women had breastfed their infants before me, I realised I could quite easily combine the two. Historical parenting !! How did my grandmother raise my mum, and her great-grandmother and her great-great-great-grandmother … and so forth. How did each generation raise their children? What beliefs did they hold could we learn anything from them?

From there I began researching and have come across some amazing facts – some of which modern day mothers might relate to and some which would make you raise an eyebrow or two. 

And so here it is – history’s finest parenting advice. Perhaps 21st century parenting isn’t so far removed …